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Nucleus Strength is an Intimate Boutique Studio located in the Battery Park City/Tribeca area of Manhattan in New York City. Proprietor Eric Clothier provides the DNA for the studio and is dedicated to helping people from many different walks of life discover exercises that fit their individual needs. Eric will help you find the inner chutzpah needed to make lasting positive change and further, how to move beyond perceived limits. Nucleus Strength will help you plant the specific seeds central to harvesting a prosperous long term, healthy, and well rounded exercise regimen.

Nucleus Strength Focuses on the essential things in life that are central to your long term health: Bones and Tissue—Nervous System—Heart and Lungs. While no one exercise modality focuses solely on any one aspect, most can be broken down into primary areas of focus. Creating a path that is not only good for you but simultaneously palatable and enjoyable is also key as not everyone enjoys, or is suited to, every kind of exercise.

Starting with the physically deepest variable: Bones. When your joints are consciously organized you move with ease and your organs can function optimally. Yoga, Pilates, and Yamuna Body Rolling are all forms of exercise that focus on bony alignment (aka: proper form) as a means of engaging muscles and soft tissues efficiently. By moving bones into focused patterns we strengthen the entire body effectively and without harm.

The Nervous System is a whole body network that effects both overt and seemingly inconsequential responses. The GYROTONIC® method, the GYROKINESIS® method, and Yamuna Foot Fitness all directly address the Nervous System by helping you discover areas of your body where you didn’t realize you were numb (aka: your blind spots). By creating more connections in your body you’ll work your brain in a manner you didn’t know possible and feel free in ways you never imagined.

The Heart and Lungs help support levels of effort. When effort is increased the heart and lungs respond accordingly and, over time, become increasingly efficient. Resistance Training, Personal Training, and Barre all focus on tasks that have an elevated heart rate as a primary goal. By directly stimulating your heart and lungs you will be able to perform everything with greater ease.

Nucleus Strength is uniquely positioned to help you reach your goals as the avenues offered are many but the focus is singular. No other facility can provide the combined number of exercise modalities, years of expertise, and level of insight as honed by Eric Clothier’s intelligence, diligence, and patience. Nucleus Strength will help you find the path that works best for you and then the courage to find the strength to travel that road on your own.

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